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Mission, Values and Vision

In the pursuit of its objectives, ARTLANT depends on a mission supported strategy based on satisfying and surpassing the stakeholders' expectations:

To manufacture PTA, having as a first priority the safety of people and property, according to an exemplary system of reliable and economical procedures which ensures Environmental Protection, meet the Client's needs and the Shareholders expectations.

Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Innovation, Respect for the Environment and Social Responsibility are ARTLANT's strategic values. Artitude is the value internally expressed by ethics, creativity, loyalty, passion, excellence and trust, translated into the attitude with which the company's staff relate and behave towards their fellow colleagues. As a whole, these are the fundamental values which form a sort of spiritual frame which surrounds all the interactions of people within the organization. They are the key for motivation and culture.

The vision, as the joining of convictions and understandings, shows the path to be followed by the organization and determines the investment, development, work and strategic objectives required to obtain the organization's success. The ARTLANT Vision is:

To be a leader and an example to be followed in the PTA industrial market, guaranteeing our clients the best product / service and maximizing the return for our shareholders. To become a source of inspiration and be recognized for its excellence, creativity, innovation and team spirit of our human resources.