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ARTLANT PTA Corporate Identity

Art and the Atlantic

Art as the way human genius overcomes the challenges of an ever changing world.

The Atlantic as it reaches to a closer relationship with nature, the sea and the resources that need to be protected. This positioning seeks to relate the company to technique, knowledge, talent and expertise as key features to adapt to change and overcome the challenges of the world.

ARTLANT PTA Brand Architecture

The rebranding operation from Artenius to ARTLANT was developed in 2010, following the restructuring of the company’s shareholder structure.

A new name which, apart from being aimed at reinforcing the company's connection to technology, knowledge, talent and skill aspires at strengthening ARTLANT's relationship with nature, the sea and the resources which need to be protected.

The genesis of ARTLANT's name results from joining two elements: Art and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Art represents the human skills, the ability to improve the involving reality and the capacity to create new ideas and perspectives of the world.

The Atlantic symbolizes the sustained use of natural resources, the will to cross winds and tides to be able to carry the best PTA to the four corners of the world.

The creativity, state of the art technology, high quality products and services, safety, support of social causes, respect for the environment, commitment to the stakeholders in the determination to bring in revenue, constitute the strategic Vision of the ARTLANT brand and materialize the multiplicity of meanings originated by the Art and the Atlantic concept.